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Custom Printing

Using custom-printed disposable tableware in your establishment is more than economical; it also makes a bold statement about your company. In business, the image you project to your customers is as important as the quality of your services.

Customized tableware conveys professionalism, careful attention to detail and reflects the quality of your establishment while providing hygienic solutions.

Custom Printed Drink Cups


Flamingo Paper & Food Services is the largest distributor of custom printed cups on the east coast. If you are looking for a way to market your establishment then custom cups are the answer for you. We can do up to four different color schemes too not only to match your logo but to make it stand out. We can print on the following types of cups.

• Styrofoam Cups
• Translucent Cups
• Clear Cups

Printed drink napkins


Paper napkins are an economical and hygienic option for your tableware solutions. Single use napkins help reduce cross contamination. Napkin disposal is simple and convenient and can help reduce your operating cost by eliminating the need for washing cloth napkins.

Select from our line of embossed or textured to suit your needs. Ideal for restaurants and cafes, catering facilities, bakeries, delis, airlines and cruise ships, hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes and others.


Our Service

Since 1954 Flamingo Paper & Food Services has delivered the best customer service in the food services industry, from custom printing your companies logo to any style napkin, to making custom printed cups as well as coasters. We here at Flamingo hold ourselves to a higher standard to make sure your products come out correctly and ultimately help you increase your profit margins as well as brand representations. We are currently printing for large corporations in the food industry but are always willing to lend a hand to small business and give you all a fighting chance as well.

Environmental Sustainability Program

Flamingo Paper & Food Services understands that being a responsible member of our community requires that we do our part to not only keep our warehouse clean and employees healthy, but to help keep our earth healthy as well.

Flamingo believes that this vision can be accomplished through thoughtful consideration of the effects of our actions on our surrounding community and the environment. From the energy we use to power our factories equipment to the materials purchased for new construction projects, Flamingo is committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into all aspects of our core business operations. This is why all of our products are made with 100% recycled paper as well as biodegradable. If you’re looking for a company that prints logos on napkins or cups, you’re in the right place!