Paper napkins are an economical and hygienic option for your tableware solutions. Single use napkins help reduce cross contamination. Napkin disposal is simple and convenient and can help reduce your operating cost by eliminating the need for washing cloth napkins.


Select from our line of embossed or textured to suit your needs. Ideal for restaurants and cafes, catering facilities, bakeries, delis, airlines and cruise ships, hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes and others.


Flamingo Paper & Food Services is the largest distributor of custom printed cups on the east coast. If you are looking for a way to market your establishment then custom cups are the answer for you. We can do up to four different color schemes too not only to match your logo but to make it stand out. We can print on the following types of cups.

• Styrofoam Cups
• Clear Cups

• Frost-Flex Cups


Techno Paper

Our Techno Paper is unlike any other that exists in the market. With its freeze, grease and heat resistant properties, we are able to provide 1 sheet for multiple uses. Techno Paper recently won a Dupont Award for Innovation and continues breaking new ground. This is the perfect solution for any type of food that requires a deli paper. It can also be used as a Tray Cover.


The minimum order for this paper is only 5 cases, making it easy for any size customer to purchase. 

We are a manufacturer that adds value to your business.
Let's grow together!

At Flamingo, we don't only take care of our customers, but also the customers of our customers by offering specific products and solutions. Through our network of distributors we offer:

1. Low Minimums on Custom Prints

5,000 cups / 15,000 napkins / 24,000 Technopaper sheets / 1,500 Paper Bags / 1 Case of Sanitizer


2. 24-Hours Arts Turnaround (Proofs & Designs)

We get back to you with a mock-up in 24 hours

3. Short Lead Times

First orders, typically take 4-6 weeks and reorders as fast as 2-3 weeks

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Also, we are very cool guys helping the community! Check Out Our COVID-19 Campaign of Giving Away 2 million napkins to 500 Restaurants in Miami, our Home. 


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