Custom Printing

Using custom-printed disposable tableware in your establishment is more than economical; it also makes a bold statement about your company. In business, the image you project to your customers is as important as the quality of your services. Customized tableware conveys professionalism, careful attention to detail and reflects the quality of your establishment while providing hygienic solutions.


By adding your company’s logo to any of our products, you can help build brand recognition for your business and cultivate a mood or theme. Custom printed tableware also provides a cost-effective method of advertising menu items, events, specials and coupons. Best of all, switching to printed tableware products is surprisingly affordable.


No matter what your company’s message is, Flamingo Paper and Food Service Products can help you express it with style and flair. We offer exceptional-quality printing that’s customized to suit your needs. From premium napkins, cups to placemats, coasters and napkin bands, our creative and skilled staff will help you create a custom ensemble that delights and inspires your customers. With our vast selection of colors and styles, you can be sure to find items that match your establishment’s décor perfectly


Flamingo Paper and Food Service Products offers a variety of specialty placemats to fill all your needs. Whether your customer wants to dress up their restaurant for a special occasion or holiday or provide an activity kit to keep children entertained…we offer a line of placemats to meet every occasion, including:

  • Holiday Designs

  • Sports Motifs

  • Lodging Logos

  • Children’s Activities

  • Healthcare Related Options

  • All Occasions


Ideal for restaurants and cafes, catering facilities, bakeries, delis, airlines and cruise ships, hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes and others.