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Whether you need a paper for your baked foods, greasy foods, or foods to wrap and throw in the freezer, our innovative Techno Paper line is the perfect solution! Recently winning a Dupont Award for Innovation, our paper brings to the market an all-new way to imagine Deli Paper. 

PSAP-010 is a product that has been developed in Colombia by our company, which is manufactured synthetically by mixing different polymers and minerals, giving excellent properties that allow it to perfectly replace waxed paper between others with better results, thanks to its very low memory it is ideal for manual or automatic packaging.



Additionally, the paper comes in rolls, bags, sheets and others and may be printed. We have the entire infrastructure to develop our customers flexographic printing service from design to finished product.

The synthetic paper is a sheet of polymers obtained by extrusion process, resulting in the appearance of an ordinary sheet of paper with a nice feel to the touch and can be manufactured in the following ranges