Flamingo Paper & Food Services is the largest manufacturer of custom printed cups on the east coast. If you are looking for a way to market your establishment then custom cups are the answer for you. We can do up to four different color schemes too not only to match your logo but to make it stand out.

Common Sizes

12 x 12

10¾ X 12 

10 x 10

14 x 14 

15  x 15 

16 x 16 

7 x 7 

Works For

Wrapping delis, pizza basis, pretzel bag, basket liner, butcher paper, among others.

Production Capacity

  1. 10.000 sheets per hour
  2. 2 machines
  3. 4 converters / 2 printers / 6 cutters


Recycled and recyclable Water, grease and temperature resistant. FDA approved

Points To

Customizable size
Up to 4 color prints
You can choose from these basis
colors: White | Kraft